Fàilte Oirbh! | Welcome!

Seo am prìomh làrach-lìn air son ath-bheòthachadh na Gàidhlig ann an Ceanndachaidh! Thigibh a-steach air son naidheachd, aistean, is tachartasan fhaicinn a tha ceangailte ris a’ Ghàidhlig; ballrachd-choimhearsnachd fhaighinn; no tabhartasan a dhèanamh air son na cùise.

Tha ceithir duilleag aig an làrach-lìn seo: duilleag dhachaidh, far a bheil sibh a-nis; duilleag mu ar dèidhinn, far a bheil fiosrachadh mu dhèidhinn a’ pròiseict againn agus mu na tachartasan againn; am bloga, far a bheil postaichean bloga a chuir sinn suas; agus duilleag chonaltraidh, far a bheil am fiosrachadh conaltraidh againn. Tha sinn an dòchas gun còrd e ribh!

Suas leis a’ Ghàidhlig, sìos leis a’ ghealachd, is na Ceanndachaidhich abù – mar bu nòs, is mar bu chòir!

This is the foremost website for the revival of Scottish Gaelic in Kentucky! Enter to see news, essays, and events connected with Gaelic; become a member of our community; or make contributions to our cause.

This website has four pages: the homepage, where you are now; the ‘about us’ page, where you’ll find information about our project and events; the blog, where you’ll find blog posts we’ve put up; and the contact page, where you’ll find our contact information. Enjoy!

Up with Gaelic, down with cultural hegemony, and glory to the people of Kentucky – as per tradition, and as it should be!

Latest from the Blog

Ethnocide and Ethnogenesis

(A commendation of B. H. Pitner’s thesis on the cultural vacuousness of whiteness, a critique of the same author’s treatment of Southernness and whiteness as equivalent, and an open letter inviting that author to collaborate.) I recently read a book that made me at once thoughtful, and profoundly sad: The Crime Without a Name, byContinue reading “Ethnocide and Ethnogenesis”

Exorcising Herder’s Ghost

(Why statist nationalism, whether ‘blood and soil’ or ‘civic’, is destroying cultural diversity, and why self-determination and the stewardship of cultural identity should be the right of peoples at least as much as individuals or states) Part 1:  Fighting to Wrest Nationalism from the Jaws of ‘Blood and Soil’ Some believers in the paranormal holdContinue reading “Exorcising Herder’s Ghost”

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