Seiseanan Òrain aig Margadh Sràide Lògain tro mheadhan Gàidhlig na h-Alba! | Scottish Gaelic Song Sessions at the Logan Street Market!

Ionnsaichibh Gàidhlig, gabhaibh òrain, agus òlaibh pinnt no dhà còmhla rinn aig Margadh Sràide Lògain!

Speak some Gaelic, sing some songs, and drink a pint or two with us at Logan Street Market!

Dè a th’ann?

What is it?

A two-hour, pay-by-donation, Gaelic-language song session at the Market, led by musician, language teacher, and Celtic-studies PhD candidate Adam Dahmer. Adam’s back in Kentucky for a brief while after spending seven years in Edinburgh, Scotland, and he’s ready to teach any interested parties some Scottish Gaelic words, phrases, and songs! Everyone is welcome, no matter what their level of experience with Gaelic or singing.

Cuine is Càite?

When and where?

From 6pm to 8pm at Logan Street Market, the first three Thursdays in June (beginning Thursday, June 3rd, 2021; and ending Thursday, June 17th, 2021). There will only be 5 sessions, so don’t miss out!

Chì sinn an sin sibh!                                                 We’ll see you there!

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